Friday Recap (09/23/16)

Coding coffee. I drink more coffee now than ever. I now own a French Press, an AeroPress, an Espresso machine, an electric kettle, and an imitation Keurig. Becoming a connoisseur before knowing how to pronounce or spell connoisseur.

To continue the theme of building some type of schedule for my site, I’m going to try something new: every Friday, I’ll do a recap of a variety of things: from that week’s posts, to events and moments in my life that I want to share.

Discussion list for this week:

About Friday Recaps: This is the third week that I’ve done the Friday Recap, and I’m appreciating it more each time. It’s accomplishing a few things at once:

With all of these points in mind, I can see this being something that stays around for awhile. Even if I had a slow week, the recap will say, I had a slow week, sorry.

Something new I’ll do this week, and going forward, is to share the Friday Recaps with my mailing list (sign up here or at the bottom of this post). That adds pressure to the recaps, because I use my mailing list carefully and not frequently. I value the time of those who are willing to sign up and give me a chance, so I prefer not to bother them too much (If you’re reading this from the mailing list and want to see the last two weeks, here’s 09/09/16 and 09/16/16). So sending them a weekly email is scary, but I’m trusting the quality of these recaps, and I’m confident that they’ll be one of the more popular sections of my site.

Share Your Story: I wrote about how my guest posts are going, and how anyone could be a part of this series. If you have any kind of story you want to share, get in touch. Doesn’t matter how big or small, I’ll prove to you that it’s worthy of being shared.

Here’s a list of the first five:

  1. John LeBeouf
  2. Devin Wright
  3. Gilbert Marcel
  4. Ashley Samanie
  5. Rocky Angelette

Dear Futur Wife: This week’s guest post was from Rocky, who publicly writes a letter to his future wife. Some are light-hearted and funny, while some are serious and intense.

Testing iPhone 7 camera: This wasn’t a major test, or even a long photoblog, but rather just the first few pictures from the iPhone 7. If I do end up getting the iPhone 7 Plus (the one I want, but is sold out—I’m working on it), I’ll do a follow up initial test with that camera. Overall though, either camera is night and day from the 6s. It captures colors and quality, even in low-light situations, better than any smartphone camera ever has.

Am I still a Saints fan?: This was an interesting post from this past week. I’ve never been in this position, and a year or so ago, I would’ve had too much pride to even write something like this. And although I know I’m still a fan, I found it fascinating to even consider the thought.

Creative Minds: Week 4: I couldn’t make it to this week’s Creative Minds (was at a friend’s bachelor party), but it was still a success. They were nice enough to send me the group picture and two videos from the night. (If you haven’t been keeping up, here’s Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3.)

Rounders: A Netflix Review: I have this new project where I review something random on Netflix. Doesn’t have to be long, but just giving my thoughts on it. Here’s Rounders.

Something I’ll be trying to get better at is reviews. Despite the compliments I get, I know this is an area of my writing that I have to improve on. And it’s not even about the writing, it’s the process of understanding the thing I’m reviewing. It’s about getting to know that product or movie or album, both the good and bad. I can’t review something that I don’t fully understand. (For context, here’s the reviews I’ve done that I’m proud of: Blonde and The Night Of.)

Miscellaneous: I had a few cool things I linked to this week: iPhone 7 demolishes the Note 7 in speed testing, John Gruber explains the design of the iPhone 7, Apple is rumored to be acquiring luxury carmaker McLaren, here’s a really good video titled, 34 Creative Cuts From Stranger Things (one of the best shows I’ve watched in years), I enjoyed Radiohead’s Present Tense, and The Weeknd released a new song yesterday titled Starboy that features Daft Punk.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope to keep this writing streak going. Your daily visits, donations, and overall encouragement is keeping me on fire right now. Let’s keep it going.