Fill the Gap: Building Out a Queue of Blogs Posts for the Future

Fill the gap. This concept lives in the middle of in the moment inspiration and the resistant you feel with not putting anything out at all. A dynamic workflow that combines the freshness of today with the deeper thoughts of days prior.

Yesterday, I wrote about racing the sun, and because that post was shorter than the previous ones, I had a window of time to chip away at a few others as well (including the skeleton of this one).

I’m slowly building out a queue of thoughts for future dates. That queue, combined with the limitations of only releasing one a day, makes racing the sun a much easier project to tackle on a daily basis.

Another benefit of this queue is, if I ever I have an unexpected interruption in my daily writing schedule, I’ll already have a backup post ready to help fill the gap for that day.

Now, it’s easy for me to wake up, release something into the world, and then start planting and watering seeds for following days. This gives me the flexibility and freedom needed to stay active with a daily creative process.

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