Growing Instagram

My Instagram: @nashpitre

I’ve never been good at social. Or marketing. Or promoting. The business side of things annoys me. I just like creating. That should be enough, right? Unfortunately, creating also requires building and and growing an audience. So I have to grow. I have to be able to handle both sides of the world of being a content creator.

Starting now, and going into 2020, I’ll be experimenting with things around here. So bare with me. Help me learn. Like it. Share it. Do whatever people do on these things. And I’ll focus on creating, because I know for sure, I’m good at that.

Instagram has always been a testing lab for me, to see where I could push boundaries. So now, combining my monthly photoblogs with my monthly blog posts, along with strategic hashtags, I’m building a recipe for success. At least I think. I just know that the content from deserves to get more eyes on it.


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