Gta Iii: A Child’s Perspective

seeing my six year old sister play Grand Theft Auto III on the iPad. Such a complex game, that required learning a PS2 controller when it was first released, is now much easier. Simply turn on the iPad, click the app, and begin exploring the massive world of New York. This is just one of many reasons why the iPad is changing the world.

Sure, I understand that this game is full of violence and things she shouldn’t be exposed to, but I see her playing this as a huge learning tool for her. Before being introduced to GTA, the only games she played were casual ones like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja.

Hearing her tell me that she has to find her car and not use someone else’s, because she’ll get in trouble and go to jail, was simply priceless. Someone who plays GTA, but doesn’t try to steal cars, that’s unheard of.

When she showed me that she has to pick the lady up, and bring her to her house, not realizing that the nice lady was a prostitute, adds a whole new perspective to the game. She was just excited to play Taxi driver.

My next question to her was, Do you know how to defend yourself?” I’m not actually sure if this game rewards you for being a good citizen, or without understanding the punch button, your game experience will be a repetitive visit to the hospital.<


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