A HomePod. That’s the answer to music playing in your home.

Telling Siri three commands:

  • Like this song
  • Dislike this song
  • Create a station from this song

Those three commands will have the HomePod playing great songs for hours. And the more you teach it what you like and don’t, the better the blending from one song to the next gets.

And the quality of sound that comes out of the HomePod, from just one speaker, is game changer, rivaling expensive multiple speaker setups most homes have.

The HomePod has been such a pleasant surprise to the devices I own. I didn’t expect to love it as much as I do. It’s always playing at a low level throughout most of the day. And when I turn up the volume, it fills the entire home at just 50% volume.

Can’t recommend this thing enough.


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