How I Read News, Books and Magazines

Here’s a roundup of all the ways I read each day. News, books, and magazines—all digital, on iPhone, iPad or Kindle.


My starting place is Tweetbot. My Twitter feed, carefully curated, has given me real-time articles and opinions as they’re happening. I’ve yet to find an app or service that gives me this level of satisfaction when it comes to consuming daily information.


Whether it’s my physical Kindle, or the iOS app, this is where the books I’m reading live. The progress percentage on the couple books I read at a time is what comes to mind first, even before the actual book. I think to myself, I need to open the Kindle and make some progress on my percentages.

Apple News

I have a widget screen that I’ve built with eight blocks of news, each one has its own category to follow. Pressing that article let’s you read it, and then give it a thumbs up or down to better understand if you want to see more of it or not. Curious to see how this one evolves.

Apple News+

My new favorite is the magazines that News+ provides. More than any other source for reading, News+ feels the most like an escape. I already wrote about all the reasons I love this service and the magazine I now have at my disposal.

Apple Books/Reeder 5

Apple Books is a place that a few books that I have in ePub format live. I didn’t get them on the Kindle, but still want to read it.

Reeder 5 is a place where I’ve been putting sites that have full day streams of news, or sites that don’t have Twitter accounts that post their new articles. (I also use Reeder 5 as a Read Later service.)

Read Later

I currently have three different reading lists that I have things waiting for me to read.

  • Tweetbot Favorites
  • Safari Reading List
  • Reeder 5 Read Later

All three serve the same purpose: a bucket of things I’ve come across that I look forward to reading or at least skimming through. I would like to condense this all into one, but depending on what app I’m in, they all provide an easy way queue new articles up for me to read.

In Tweetbot, pressing the star adds that tweet to my favorites. Anywhere in iOS, holding down a link gives me the option to add to my Reading List. And the newcomer, Reeder 5, has a similar Reading List feature that I now have a dozen articles waiting for me, which came from inside Reeder 5, or by using the share sheet and sending an article there to read later.

Bonus: Nyt Front Page

I have a shortcut that when I press it, it shows me today’s front page of the New York Times paper. This one fascinates me that it’s possible with just one click. I currently press it when I think about it, but in future, I’d like this to be automated somewheres for me to see automatically each day.

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