IDARB — My New Favorite Video Game

I just stumbled upon the best video game I’ve played in years. It’s called #IDARB. It’s basketball, in a nerdy, ultra-complicated kind of way. And I love everything about it.

Griffin McElroy, writing for Polygon:

The goal of IDARB is deceptively simple: Put the ball in your team’s goal by any means necessary, be it shooting, ricocheting, alley-ooping or swatting it out of a nearby opponent’s hands. Every one of those commands is much more difficult to successfully execute than you’d think. Shooting, for example, requires a surprising amount of timing and precision. If you can ricochet the ball off a platform before it goes in, you can dramatically boost your score, but those shots are extremely difficult to make, and might not be worth rebounding the ball into your opponents’ clutches.

Do yourself a favor and watch the How To Play video. It shows you the fundementals of the game, and why I’m so hooked on it.