Invest in Yourself: Part 2 - Schedule Admin Time, Focus on Your Health, Have Fun, Get to Zero

From yesterday:

I’ve been thinking about this a lot and how to be proactive about what I can achieve in a single day. It comes down to one simple thought: Invest in yourself.

Even with a schedule that can’t be moved around, there’s hours before and after that are ours for the taking. We can control the chaos.

It’s about being intentional with what fits into our day and around those hard appointments. Work schedule, appointments, commitments, and so much more. These blocks of hours are nonnegotiable — but it’s the hours around it that I’ll be focused on. Those are the hours where the biggest impact can be made.

Here’s part two.

Schedule Admin Time

Schedule a few minutes to go through any loose papers you’ve put in your inbox tray (Also, make an inbox tray. Near the front door, where you bring the mail in or papers from your vehicle. A little tray where you notice loose papers continue to pile up).

Get a little filing box with manilla folders in alphabetical order. Each loose paper belongs to something bigger. Dog, Electric bill, Hurricane Ida receipts, and whatever else those loose papers show up as. I keep a permanent marker and empty manilla folders in the filing box, so when a new folder is needed, it’s created in that moment. The process is as simple as throwing papers in the inbox all week, and then scheduling a few minutes a week to put them where they belong later.

Hide the unread number from your email app. Each day, press the button that only shows Today’s Unread”. As you open an email, it’ll dissapear once you leave the app. If it’s important, flag it. That’s your bookmark for any important email so you don’t have to scroll through 30 emails to find the one you’re looking for.

Admin time is another time to add things to your calendar. My rule is, if it’s happening in my life, it should be on the calendar. I should be able to wake up one morning and forget everything prior, but still have my day not miss a beat.

Admin time is also the time you should brain dump all the things you’re wanting to do in your task manager. Most days, opening your task manager (Things for me) should just be to glance at what’s today’s agenda. Move a few things around to make the day feel achievable. I throw a lot of things at a day in the future without checking to see what’s already there. When that day arrives, not everything has to be completed on that day. Move them around to days in the future. By doing this, I end up not having any days with nothing. I also don’t have days that are overwhelming.

Focus on Your Health

Drink a lot of water. Watch what you eat (I’ve been using LifeSum to send what I eat to Apple’s Health app).

Buy a bluetooth scale that logs your weight into Apple’s Health app (mine was $20 on amazon, by FITINDEX).

Go for runs or walks. Find ways to be active as much as possible, even if it’s just a five minute break to go walk a block and come back. A quick jog. Whatever it takes to be active.

Have Fun

Do things that bring you joy, like watching a movie, playing a sport, taking photos, making art, making a gift, capture a video, go on a date, play video games, and whatever else you think sounds cool. Just have fun.

Get to Zero

It’s been a phrase that I’ve had as a project in Things for a long time now. Get to zero is more of a saying than anything that’s actually achievable. It means to declutter, reduce excess, and to get rid of things that no longer bring value to my life. Old clothes that I no longer want. Build Little Pockets around the house. It could also mean things that are digital. It might be something in my mind that I need to let go of. Get to zero.

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