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Diversifying My Income

I’ve been thinking about this for awhile now, and I’m finally at a point where I can go about this with confidence. Diversifying my income: the goal is to get to (or above) my current 100% of income, while creating a more flexible schedule. This will give me a change of pace and even more responsibilities.

I’m going part-time at AT&T, so now I’ll have time for a variety of other jobs and projects. I’ll also continue building up my own areas of income from this website (membership, shirts, albums, concerts, books, etc.). I look at all of this from the perspective of an entrepreneur that wears many hats, with many areas of focus throughout the day.

Right now, all of my eggs are in one basket: AT&T covers 90% of my income, and my website covers the other 10%. On my calendar, there’s a bunch of small one/two-hour blocks (meetings, events, small groups, etc.) that I move through each day. These blocks keep my energy level high. There’s motion, momentum, progress—but between these short bursts, there’s this long ten-hour block that brings that momentum to a standstill.

I started thinking of ways to fix this: what if I could break this long ten-hour block into two five-hour blocks? Even if it equals the same amount of income, it would help with the pacing of my day, and allow me to reach the goal of expanding my pie chart into multiple pieces. So instead of 90/10, I’ll start shifting this pie chart to 50%, 30%, and 20%.

To make up for that 30% that I’ll be losing by going part-time, I did some brainstorming on several types of jobs that would fit my needs: I’ve considered Uber, Real Estate, waiting tables, and coffee shops. I recently finished editing a commercial for an advertising company, so I’ve also considered freelancing. But ultimately, I now have this sense of purpose that I hadn’t had before now. I feel like a free agent in a professional sports league, as I open myself up to the world, and not only ask for a job, but offer my services to someone, knowing that I offer tremendous value. I’m confident that my personality, sales and management experience, as well as my knowledge with technology, will allow me to create a more flexible schedule for myself, as I continue to grow as a person. It’s time to take that jump.

I’m Nash (beta 32). I write, record, and travel. Finishing up my first book. Become a member today.




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