iOS 9’s iPad Multitasking — A Deep Transformation

Federico Viticci:

Last night, I was watching John Gruber’s live interview with Phil Schiller on my iPad, and I realized that I wanted to read people’s reactions on Twitter. I instinctively reached out to my iPhone, because that’s what I’ve been doing for years when watching live events: my iPad plays video and I use Twitter on my iPhone. Not anymore. Thanks to iOS 9, I put The Talk Show’s video player in a floating popup, opened Twitterrific, and continued watching. When I wanted to take notes, I swiped from the right edge of the screen and I started typing in Notes — all while still watching the video and having Twitterrific open at the same time. It all felt natural, and it was glorious.

This paragraph here makes the iPad a must-have for me now. I’ve needed an iPad less and less over the past few years, mainly because my phone could do everything I needed to—but with iOS 9, that all changes.