iPhone X: The Impossible Phone

Federico Viticci:

After using the iPhone X for a month, it’s obvious that it embodies the future of the iPhone today. The iPhone X makes every other Apple device feel old, although not because they’re suddenly flawed. The sheer nature of advancements in the iPhone X elevates it to a different category — thus explaining Apple’s decision to (temporarily?) bifurcate the line. They’re both current iPhones, but the iPhone 8 and iPhone X might as well be years apart.

I’m confident that, a decade from now, the iPhone X will be remembered as the iPhone that changed the course again for the most popular consumer electronics product of our generation. From an entirely gesture-driven interface with no physical affordances to an OS that adapts its features to our attention, the iPhone X is the purest expression of the union of hardware and software — a spectrum where we can’t discern two ends, but only one all-encompassing idea. The iPhone X is a triumph of design and a new beginning for iOS.

Even a month later, there’s a thought I keep coming back to whenever I pick up my iPhone X and look at its screen. It feels like I’m holding an impossible iPhone. In the same year of the iPhone 8 and smartphones that are almost edge-to-edge, the iPhone X leaps so far ahead, it doesn’t seem like a device we should have now.

But Apple can still wish impossible things into existence. And every once in a while, they’re crazy enough to mold the future into the shape of a pocket computer. A seemingly distant concept, redefining what an iPhone can be today.

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