Is American Gods Suddenly Our Most Politically Relevant Show?

Joanna Robinson:

When beloved sci-fi/fantasy author Neil Gaiman first set about to write his classic 2001 novel American Gods, he did so with an immigrant’s eye. This Englishman with an obsessive love for mythology went on a massive writing-based road trip criss-crossing the country from coast to coast telling chronicling the story of gods the many immigrants before him had brought to American shores. Though showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green could never have known it when they initially signed on to adapt the book for TV back in 2014, this immigrant tale has become one of the most surprisingly politically relevant shows of the Trump era. The show doesn’t premiere on Starz until April 30, but the first episode debuted Saturday at SXSW in Austin. It reveals a show both unafraid of showing its teeth and drawing its audience into a unifying embrace.

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