James Harden and Chris Paul Are the Perfect Nba Backcourt Combo

Matt Ellentuck:

The Houston Rockets have now won 10 consecutive games, and each have win has come by at least seven points. Those wins all have one other thing in common — James Harden and Chris Paul were both on the floor.

The subtitle to his story: Why did anyone ever think this combo wouldn’t work?”

The Rockets, as of writing this, are 21-4, with the best record in the league. Here’s why:

  1. Chris Paul doesn’t have to carry the entire load of the team.
  2. Any lineup works: the Rockets have a roster filled with players that could play multiple positions.
  3. Paul, because of starting the second quarter, has the luxury of playing against second units.
  4. The entire game, either Paul or Harden are on the court. Combined with the versatile lineups, there’s always a starting 5 on the court. Always.

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