Monthly Recap (January 2017)

January was a nice start to the year for me. In terms of health, mood, and productivity, everything has been consistent. My schedule was flexible, giving me a lot of time to write, attend church, play basketball, and watch lot of Netflix—all of which kept me at peace.

Productivity wise, I wrote a few big posts:

My 2016 writeup is one of the biggest posts I’ve ever worked on, and as the first post of the year, it sets the bar high for me. I reviewed my favorite shoes, the Allbirds, which I wore every day for eight months. January 28th made two years that I’ve been going to Cross Church, so I wrote about how much those two years have meant to me. My friend Randal passed away last week, and I wrote about how he impacted my life. I’m prepping for my second season of Guest Posts, so I wrote about last season and invited everyone to join me with Season Two.


I started selling two new shirts on my site, from The Impact Collection. Randal Strong and Hero are the first two from this collection, and the other two will be released in February.

Donations to the site were steady, and each donation was used to buy #RandalStrong shirts to give away, helping Randal’s family with upcoming expenses.


I spent some time testing out the iPhone 7 Plus’s camera, and Portrait Mode is becoming something I constantly use.

Around the Web

John Mayer released Wave One of his new album, The Search For Everything. A new wave will come out each month until the album is completely out.

Evan Puschak released two new videos: The Prestige: Hiding In Plain Sight and Frank Ocean: Musical Identity, both are important watches to me.

Maxamillion711 released a new Russell Westbrook video, called No Mercy. It seems like his videos keep getting better.

MKBHD released an iPhone 7 review, titled 4 Months Later. He explained why this phone is so good, and what sets it apart from other phones.

Bought a Camera, Going Pro. Got Married and Have a Video to Prove It. Rose Was Born November 12th. Just Lost Our Husky. Last Updated: May 18th, 2022.

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