June Recap

June Was Nice. Here’s My Recap.

I created my usual photoblog (this month had 47 photos). I released a new album, How We See The World (five tracks, with five hidden songs behind them, and a conversation with a friend that weaves in and out of each track). After showing up for 100 consecutive days, I ended my daily thanks. Now, I plan to make a book out of it. I released another guest post, from my friend, Nicole Neal. I bought a new iPad Pro (the smaller one). I released a new podcast with my friends, called BUMNATION. I built a few websites for some friends, with many more to come. I released some new merchandise (gym bag, stickers, shirts). A few months ago, I had a professional video shoot done for my office. That video is now public.

That’s a Quick Summary of All the Main Points. Below You’ll See a Full Breakdown.

June Photos

Here’s All the Photos That Were Captured in June. 47 in Total.

If You Could Go Back and Tell Your Younger Self Something, What Would It Be?

Here’s another batch of pictures for this project. If you want to join, hold up a kid version of yourself. Take a picture. Send it to me.

How We See the World

I created a new album for you, called How We See The World. It’s a combination of so many layers: a conversation I had with a friend that happens throughout the whole album. It was recorded one day while we were having coffee. It’s also about 10 tracks, combined together and blended with that conversation I had with my friend, turning it all into one cohesive project. The truth is, these are songs that were recorded before I started the big album that’s coming next, as well as extra recordings that didn’t make the cut of the big album. Some people would throw those songs away and never use them. I found a way for them to live on their own, as their own thing with their own identity.

Cross Church Notes

A Mom With Special Needs, Parenting a Special Needs Child, by Nicole Neal

I’ve known Nicole and her family for over four years now, but mostly because of their son, Jude, who’s constantly facing heart complications and surgeries. We’re always rooting for little Jude, but this story allows me to look closer, at the entire family, and more specifically, Nicole. The life-threatening battle that baby Jude continues to fight is constantly on my mind, but this look behind the curtain helps me understand that the battle goes much deeper than just his little heart. Nicole tells a story that’s filled with anxiety, depression, and several other medical conditions. And still, through all of what they’ve been through, and continue to go through, it’s their faith that keeps them going. This guest post explains it all for us.

New iPad

I sold my 12.9” iPad Pro, and replaced it with the 11” iPad Pro. Same power, just a little smaller for portability. The process of selling and getting the new one was very seemless, thanks to /appleswap.


Here’s the first episode of my new podcast with friends. This is gonna be fun.

Ending My Daily Thanks

I reached my goal: 100 days of being thankful. That many days in a row was a challenge, mostly to remember to do it.

Pilot Program

I build websites now. Here’s a few that I’ve recently completed. Get in touch.


Met: Louisiana

A video of my life as a case manager, and the success stories of my clients.

Go Backwards

Moving Forward Isn’t Always the Best Option. Sometimes, Go Backwards.

Money: Don’t make more. Spend less. Get rid of your car. Get rid of your cable. Walk. Ride a bike. Just watch Netflix. Or just YouTube. Look at every dollar you spend, and rethink your lifestyle around it.

Possessions: Find your favorites. Donate the rest. Shirts. Shoes. Pants. Furniture. If you don’t love it. You don’t need it. Someone else does. Look around and only own the things that excite you. Get rid of the rest.

Time: Don’t be productive. Just be. What’s better than accomplishing all your dreams? Being still and living the dream now. Right where you are: in your home, at your job, in your skin. The time you have today is so much better than the one you’re fantasizing about. Use this time to do less and love your current situation.

How to Find Yourself

I’ll expand on this more later. But for now, here’s to helping a friend who simply said:

I don’t know how to find myself.

I found myself through checklist. Through books. Through writing. Through pastors. Through creating little projects that have deadlines. Through writing three things I’m thankful for for 100 days. Through having coffee with people that are wiser than me. Through helping those in need. Through traveling. Through exploring local areas that I usually overlook. Through a variety of small groups at my church. Through recording a new album. Through collaborating and being creative with others. Through cleaning up and donating things that I don’t love. Through shrinking my bills. Through finding new friends. Through podcasts. Through YouTube videos. Through spending time with family. Through spending time alone, at a park.


My blog is setup so that if I like” a video on YouTube, it automatically turns into a blog post on my site. Most of these blogs are from that. Just spending time on YouTube.

Nba News

Daryl Morey Breaks Down Free Agency PlansChris Paul Urged Coaches to Keep Hard on the Bench LongerRich Paul Knows What He’s Doing

Apple News

Apple GlassWwdc 2019The Talk ShowOver 200 New iOS 13 FeaturesVideo on Apple’s Upcoming Ar GlassesEvery Apple Arcade Game so FariPad Os: They Listened

Music Videos

Boogie - Expose MeNf - the SearchNf - When I Grow UpMachine Gun Kelly - Hollywood WhoreClaire - BagsBon Iver - Hey, MaDijon - ViolenceTom Misch & Carmody - Release YouThe Xx - Brave for YouTorres - Three FuturesHere We Go Magic - Over the OceanStarset - Love You to DeathAmber Run - AmenJacques Greene X Cadence Weapon - Night ServiceLogic - Homicide (Feat. Eminem)André 3000 - Me&My (To Bury Your Parents)Frank Ocean’s Blonde Is an Instant ClassicFrank Ocean - Blonde Tribute


Ford v FerrariRolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan StoryAnima - Paul Thomas Anderson (Netflix)Stranger Things 3: Final Trailer

Misc Links

Derek Sivers and His Three Books3 Takes Down

Misc. Videos

Going Live a Few Times a Week. Rose Turned One. Writing a Weekly Newsletter Every Monday Morning. Bought a Camera. Got Married and Have a Video to Prove It. Lost Our Husky. Last Updated: December 2nd, 2022.

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