Just Ask’ Series (Cross Church Notes)

I’ll be starting a new series on my site, titled Cross Church Notes. Every month, Pastor Brandon has a new series that covers a specific topic. I’ll have one post each month, covering that topic, and I’ll update it after each service. Above the notes, I’ll try my best to share my thoughts on what I’ve learned from it, and how it relates to my life. This will help me think through what I’ve learned.

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Thoughts On This Series

10/02/16: Pastor Brandon told us a story about his biggest fear: he’s scared that when his life is over, all of his life’s work will have been for nothing. A mentor of his pointed out to him that he kept using the words me and I and mine. That’s when he realized that his biggest fear comes with pride. This realization helped him get to the source of his stress and fear.

I dealt with stress and anxiety for the past decade, but I’m thankful to say that 90% of that stress vanished when these new habits and practical ways (mentioned in notes below) entered into my life. Preparing for the best, and no longer fighting battles that I was never intended to fight, are two of the biggest ways that I removed that stress from my life. Going into the day with peace and anticipation for the best outcomes have really transformed my outlook on daily living.

About 10/9 and 10/16 (written 10/23): It’s been bothering me that I haven’t been able to build upon these notes in the last two weeks. I can easily say that I’ve been too busy to do so, but I make time for a hundred other things, so these notes for church should be a priority over everything else. I’ll be very intentional about focusing in on these notes going forward.

10/24/16: The ending to the Just Ask series was really good. It was about finding your purpose. Pastor Brandon discussed how sometimes, instead of looking elsewhere, if we just dig deeper into our current situation, we can find that purpose. He then told a story of a man that sold everything he had to find this treasure, and the land he sold ended up being the exact place where that treasure was buried. We can relate this to our own life, because we assume the grass is greener elsewhere (careers, relationships, etc.).

Table of Contents for Notes

Notes on Just Ask: Stress - 1 of 4 (10/2/16)


Stress is not caused by something on the outside. It is only a response to things that are on the outside. Stress is an internal issue.

It’s always there. Always trying to come in. I make the decision to let it in or not.

Gods given you a disciplined mind. I need to discipline the way that I think.

What are our biggest stressors?

Stress is a temptation. Temptation is not wrong. It’s only wrong when I give into the temptation.

Stress is the temptation to take control and tell God that your worry is more powerful than His provision.

When we’re stressed out, take a step back and get God’s outcome.

How do I deal with my stress?

How do I deal with my stress?

You stand as the bouncer of your own mind.

How do I get rid of stress?

Practical ways to deal with your stress:

Three rhetorical questions

When a bill comes in: Hey God, you’ve got mail.

Pastor Brandon:

I serve the same God that David served. That slayed a giant. So every giant in my life better start getting scared.

Notes on Just Ask: Praying From A Place Of Authority - 2 of 4 (10/09/16)


If we know how to give good gifts to our kids, how much does our father know how to give gifts.

Sometimes it’s not our season. A baby with a razor.

As our father, god has given us:

In usage, to bind and to loose simply means to forbid by an indisputable authority, and to permit by an indisputable authority.

We relinquish our authority when:

He’s not asking for your perfection; he is just asking for your obedience.

Authority only works when you’re under authority.

Notes on Just Ask: Finding Strength In Life’s Greatest Disappointments - 3 of 4 (10/16/16)


Two things we all have in common:

Anytime we place an expectation on something or someone, we have the potential to be disappointed.

An unmet expectation is the birthplace of disappointment.

We can’t expect what we don’t express.

Disappointment - to fail to stadium the hope, desire, or expectation of”

Three types of disappointment:

God is with us to give us hope in the moments when what was unexpected hits.

Hebrews 6 describes the hope we have in Christ as the anchor.

Hope is not built on something but someone.

The source of your strength is that which is unseen.

What are you calling for in life’s greatest disappointments? David said, Bring me the ephod.”

I’m with you, King.”

What you put on and what you wear will determine where you go.

God uses our disappointment to strengthen us more than we can imagine. In David’s greatest disappointment, God had planned a deliverance and destination.

If something goes up in flames in our life, it’s not God trying to take something from us, but to bring something to us.

It may not be all good, but God promises He can turn it around for good.

Notes On Just Ask Series - Part 4: Purpose (10/23/16)


God’s Plan For Us:

Things that kill our purpose:

Be ok without validation. It’s ok if I don’t get it. Ephesians 4: I’m your equipper, not your supplier.”