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Just Know That I’m Working On My Return

Just know that I’m working on my return. These words show my potential to get us where we deserve.

These are some lyrics that I wrote a month ago. I didn’t know that they’d become my rock during a rough season of my life. The past few days, after waking up, this sentence is one of the first things I’d think of:

Just know that I’m working on my return.

It’s a process. We lose ourselves sometimes. We lose that confidence, we lose that daily routine. We get in a slump and forget how special we are. But I’m working on my return. I’m rebuilding myself daily.

Ashley Cox:

I’m telling you, the artistic products of brokenness are what truly gets in deep and speaks to others. It’s a good way to be productive and still work through your emotional issues and come up with something that’s a reflection of that struggle.

I fell down a week ago, but over the past two years, I’ve equipped myself with great tools and great people, and I’ve now leaned on them every day this past week. Thankfully, they’ve helped me regain peace.

Stu Babin:

We’ve all heard what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger”, but I’d like to spin that differently, as we build upon this life brick by brick. The struggles are just a temporary setback of the continued process. Ultimately, the house you’re building is going to be stronger as a result of it.

The process of rebuilding yourself is a beautiful and humbling experience. My return is close, and much sooner than I expected.

I’m Nash (beta 32). I write, record, and travel. Finishing up my first book. Become a member today.




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