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Kassie’s Canvas: a guest post from Kassie Voisin

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What I love most about Kassie Voisin is the fact that she’s all about results. She doesn’t just talk about what she’s going to do, she does it. That’s inspiring. Follow her on social media and you’ll quickly see how hard she works. I believe in not just creating, but showing your work along the way as well, and that’s what she does best (I’ve watched more time lapses of her paintings than I have of anything else in my life). If you create, the people following your work will connect with you more if you show them how to get from Point A to B. The natural tendency is to hide the mess, and only show the finished product, but the best advice I give anyone asking for help creating is: First, create. Anything. Second, show how you created it.

I was first introduced to Kassie’s work when our Cross Kid’s building received a makeover. When they said it was getting a makeover, I assumed some tidying up, and maybe some new furniture. I would’ve never guessed something as creative as this. It catches you off guard the first time you walk up to one of Kassie’s murals. It transforms the atmosphere, wrapping around the walls of the hallways, and for a second, it places you in a different world.

Pictures and videos never do something like this justice. Even this blog post won’t do the justice of her daily grind. Even my description lacks the details that go into her story, so I’ll let her explain it for you. I appreciate her taking some time out of her schedule to share her vision with my readers.

Kassie Voisin

Hi! I’m Kassie, owner of Kassie’s Canvas. I paint wall murals all around Louisiana and neighboring states. I started this business about 3 years ago when I got married. I was a full time medical student, when friends and family began asking me to paint canvases for them. Canvases eventually turned in to full wall paintings.

My husband eventually pushed me to quit my full-time, stable job, to create art for a living. I was terrified. I didn’t go to college for this. I nearly failed art class in high school. I didn’t think that it would succeed, but each day, I went on the job and did my best to create passionate work that really brought out the customers imagination. They all think that I am the creative genius on the job, but really, it’s their ideas that I’m just bringing to life. That’s the best part!

In Year 1, we had a few murals around Houma booked, but I knew that I had to go bigger. I began bringing my GoPro camera with me on the job. I would set it up, and record every mural I painted, really trying to give customers a behind the scenes look on how their mural came to life. Once the videos began going on Facebook, I started getting a lot of interest from around the country. Even people in Canada and Hawaii were calling to get murals painted!

My husband and I spent countless hours answering messages and calls, getting hotels booked, and cities scheduled for murals all over. It has been such a crazy ride this far. Looking back, I still don’t understand why, or how we got so much interest. I’m just a simple, God-loving, small-town girl, who loves to paint, but it’s amazing what God can do with just that.

Last year, POV Magazine reached out to do an article on my paintings, another huge milestone for me in my career:

Whether it’s a space station for the laser tag arena at Pinocchio’s Pizza Playhouse, inspirational quotes and welcoming messages for a school, or a detailed depiction of Cinderella’s Castle for a child’s bedroom, Kassie prides herself on painting dreams with her large-scale custom murals.

I feel like every time God puts a spotlight on this, it’s an avenue for me to share my testimony. This year, we even got a call from the Ellen DeGeneres show. I may not ever fully understand how this all happened, but I know that I love the journey. I love painting people’s homes. I feel like I’m spreading joy in such a different way. I don’t know where 2017 will take us, but I have my paintbrush ready!

I’m Nash (beta 32). I write, record, and travel. Finishing up my first book. Become a member today.




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