Kottke.org’s New Site Design (and the importance of launching things unfinished)

Jason Kottke:

For the first time in more than four years, kottke.org is sporting a new design this morning.

If you’ve never heard of Kottke, now’s your chance to check out his site. It’s one of the oldest blogs on the web, and is a site that I’m always looking up to and following for guidance with my blog.

My favorite part of his explanation of the new design is actually hidden in a footnote, after the sentence, Since you should never launch anything completely finished.”

That’s right, don’t finish stuff. The last 5% will take you foooooorever and you’ll change it five times after you launch anyway. 95% is good enough.

The last 5% will take you forever. This is so true. I have tons of projects that are as close to finished as they’ll ever be, but I haven’t released them yet because of that last 5% push. I’ve learned that’s what takes the longest, the polish at the end. It’s refreshing for someone to tell me not to even worry about that last push, and instead work on it after launch. I’m taking that advice to heart.