Learning to Build Again

I’m learning how to build again. Taking time off from creating isn’t always the best decision. Turning that switch back doesn’t happen instantly. I’ve spent half a year now finding myself again with creativity. As my life changed around me, it caused me to go through an identity crisis as an artist.

I made the decision recently that the only way to get back to myself was to simplify and starts chipping away. Whatever building looks like with that specific topic, make a mess with that idea — don’t overthink it, don’t worry about how the finish product will look, just get the thoughts out. Find joy in climbing the mountain again.

Recent Creations

Keep building. I remember what it’s like when I had the momentum. It motivates me to build until I’m there again.

Rose Was Born November 12th. We Just Bought a House. Doing a Lot of Remodeling. Turned 35 a Few Months Ago, Reflected on That Point of My Life. We Now Have a Husky. Last Updated: December 1st, 2021.

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