Dear Lebron Haters

I’ve never been a fan of LeBron, but I feel like I should give my opinion on those who seem to constantly scrutinize a guy that has accomplished so many amazing things at an early age.

My whole thing is, people look at the situation like he has to be either better than Kobe and Jordan, or he’s a bum. That’s what bothers me. The game of basketball is so complex, and the fact that he doesn’t have the it” factor, doesn’t even change how great he is. There’s so many ways a player can impact the game of basketball, and the casual person watching, and jumping on the lets hate LeBron” bandwagon, doesn’t even understand what an assist is, or +/- stats are.

LeBron James, without even being a fan of him, but a fan of the game of basketball, accounts for more stats across the board than any other player I’ve ever watched. So people can bash him for not having the it” factor, but that balances out, when he rebounds, passes, and defends better than everyone else. People never mention that though.

I heard people calling Durant better than him, but Durant seems to only be a scorer. After game 1, the media and people I know, were screaming that Durant is the best player in basketball, but to me, he never impacts the game with anything other than points. How can that be better than someone who, across the board, fills up the stat sheet?

Those same people who kill LeBron, they don’t say, he’s amazing, but I wish he’d close better”, or he’s amazing, but he should’ve stayed in Cleveland.” No, they say he’s a bum, and he can’t ball, and he should never be”King” James.”

Nobody had a problem with Paul Pierce being named The Truth”, before winning a ring, what’s the difference if LeBron’s The King”? People will find anything to hate on people for.

The people hating on someone with as much talent as LeBron, should stop for a second and appreciate him, the fact that I even have to say that is ridiculous, and almost obvious that they’re not watching the game, but just jumping on bandwagons. An athlete that great, doesn’t come around every year, but people act like the game of basketball would be better without him. That’s my problem.

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