A Legacy Game

Bill Simmons, writing for Grantland:

Even before it officially became One of Best Round 1 Series Ever,” we knew it had a chance to broach Feels Like The Finals If They Happened In Round 1” (which is exactly what happened) … I attended Games 1, 2 and 5 in L.A., and they were more like life experiences than basketball games … thanks to those quietly dramatic Hack-a-DJ moments, these contests balloon to nearly three hours and feel a little like those Yankees–Red Sox nail-biter marathons from 2003 and 2004 (without 86 years of baggage and eight decades of hammer-versus-nail story lines, but still) … potentially, the final basketball game ever for one of my favorite non-Celtics ever, The Great Tim Duncan (I think that’s officially his name now) … if the Clips were to lose a Game 7 at home, we’d inch even closer to a career scenario with CP3 and Blake that becomes a Hottest of Hot Takes cross between The Poor Man’s Stockton and Malone” and The Sedin Brothers of Basketball” … seeing Kawhi the Sharktopus in person in Game 7 mode (hold this thought) … Pop Sarcastically Working The Refs vs. Doc Sarcastically Working the Refs in the Game 7 of Sarcastic Reactions … the biggest game of CP3s life, hands down … the biggest game of Blake’s life, hands down … it’s a Legacy Game in every respect.”

The whole world will be paying attention to the fight tonight, but missing out on this game 7 would be a tragedy (especially since it’ll end right before the fight starts). This shouldn’t be a Round 1, and it sure doesn’t feel like it.

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