Letting Go of Creative Minds

I’ve been reflecting on Creative Minds lately, the event I used to put together where people would show up, and they’d play guitars, sing, do spoken word, and for hours it felt like creativity would never end.

I often think about if that version of me is still kicking around somewhere: If I could still pull something like that off, and what would it take to bring the band back together.

Creative Minds is one of many things from my past that I think about like this. Instead of being present and building on today, I ruminate on old versions of myself that are long gone.

Lately, in the past few months, I’ve been able to let those feelings go. The Creative Minds me is gone. The person that throws events and gathers groups of people together, and builds momentum on Facebook — every thought of that sounds painful. I’m more reserved and to myself to even want to do something like that now.

This new chapter that I’m in is filled with its own purpose and identity, and I’ve found peace with it not looking like old versions of myself. I’m in a different season, and the fact that it’s completely different only shows my growth.

One door closes, another one opens. Letting this go (along with several other things) will allow me to approach this new chapter with more confidence and freedom.

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