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It’s Actually Really Simple. We Make It Complicated.

There’s people around us, every day, that we usually just walk pass, with a simple hello and a smile, but we’re not making an impact on their lives. We’re not showing up the way we truly can. Our potential is so much greater than that. There’s broken people. There’s creative people. There’s people that are leaders but were never given a true opportunity to be a leader. There’s people that we meet daily that have an infinite amount of potential, but have shadows of doubt looming over them. We have a special opportunity to bridge that gap.

Three Words: Be the Light.

Four Different Colors:

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It’s been on my heart for awhile now. Those three words. Here’s why:

  • Each time someone spoke life into me and encouraged me to keep moving forward, mentoring me and helping me through a situation, those three words whispered to me.

  • Each time I poured into someone else’s life with wisdom, guidance, or simply being an ear for them to vent to, those three words whispered to me.

  • Each creative project that I released and then received private messages about how much it’s helped them, and how my words made such an impact in their lives, those three words whispered to me.


This shirt isn’t for you. You can have one if you want, but that’s not why they were created. This one’s for me. It’s my uniform now. I feel an obligation to make an impact in ways that I never have before. I usually only wear plain gray or black tees anyway, so this doesn’t stray too far away from my wardrobe. It just has those three words on it now. Reminding me what my real purpose is.

Through the Good, and Through the Bad, We Have an Opportunity to Change the Environment Around Us. Be the Light.

Mission Gray

Infinite Blue

Minimal Gray

Dark Gray

The shirt design was inspired by Janea’s Say Yes To Being Fearless shirt. They both were designed by Amanda Trosclair. I appreciate both of them for everything.

Be the Light: Kids

Through the Good, Through the Bad, We Have an Opportunity to Change the Environment Around Us. Be the Light.












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