Log Your Time and What You’ve Been up To, Every 30 Minutes

I was told yesterday, from my Pastor’s wife that every 30 minutes, he logs what he’s been up to. This made so much sense to me.

I’ve always tried to do this backwards by planning my day and trying to predict what each hour will look like, and obviously, because life, that plan would never fall into place.

Reflecting on each hour seems so much easier and actionable.nThis is now my new favorite way to make every minute count. Just knowing where my day is going. I’ll have a log.

Task Planner

I printed a task planner that I used to use back in the day, as a starting point for now, that’l allow me to do just that.

Apple Watch

I also updated my Apple Watch to WatchOS 6, because it offers a new feature, that allows your watch to chime every 30 minutes or hour. So my plan is, get the chime, write down what I’ve done with my time.

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