Long Way From December

these moments are overwhelming
It’s hard to help
It’s hard as hell
I’m a part of it
It’s dark
the light seems to be getting further
too many words to say
I seem to be going in circles
I’m searching
for the answers
It hurts
nothings working
I’m determined
the fire rising
surprise the sky is burning
why does the worse shit seem to happen to the best person I know
I’m trying to fix it
but the more I try
the more you’re distant

it’s like swinging under water
you’ll always miss it

I’m just aiming for the walls that’s in your way
I’’ll break them down
I wanna be able to look back and say ok
“you’re safe for now”
It takes patience
to take you to the next level
it’s essential …
that I show you your potential
I see the best in you

you’re glowing from every angle
don’t let em change you
don’t let that pain through
when the rain comes down
don’t think about pouring
think about Florida
think about all of things that make your heart warmer
never let anything harm you

We came a long way from December

—Verse 2

Rebuild your confidence
you’re one of the smartest people I ever met
but no one ever let you show it
I wanna lift you up
you deserve it
I see you and I’m nervous
you seem fragile
beautiful eyes
I look behind them
I see a battle

It’s hard to fake smile
but you perfected it
you take care of the world
but the mirror,
you’re neglecting the one person that really needs it
Can’t be easy trying to appear strong
when you’re weak
you do it for your daughter
She’s the reason
Gotta appreciate a woman
that puts her kids first
that’s starting to become rare
you don’t get enough respect for it
family puts the pressure on you
it’s hard to live up to the ones that came before you
they ignore you
like you’re not
good enough for them
but it only makes you stronger huh

even with the odds stacked against you
look at your potential
the same things that’ll break you
will be the same things that’ll make you
let me take you beyond where you’re at now
you got Nash now<