Little Pockets of Minimalism

It wasn’t that long ago when I owned around 50 things. I was weird enough to keep track of each item. It helped me focused on keeping that number down. I mostly lived out of a backpack and traveled as much as possible. Feels like a lifetime ago.

A lot has changed since then. The main one: buying a house. The other one: being in a relationship. As you can expect from these two changes (and more changes on the way), I own more, and that list continues to grow. I see new boxes pouring in each day. In my mind, it feels like it never ends.

My method to keeping this under control is called Little Pockets. Small areas around the house that are condensed down to the size of what can be taken in a photo. Multiply these little pockets out and you have every room in the house covered.

There doesn’t need to be junk drawers or storage spaces. Each item has a purpose, so bring all those scattered items together, then discard the excess. Focus on this simple step and little pockets can be created everywhere.

These little pockets, combined all over the house, will give that same feeling of 50 items, because everything is thoughtfully considered.


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