You’re Mad

There’s a lot of uncertainty nowadays. There’s a lot of confusion. There’s a lot of anger. A lot of opinions. There’s a line in sand where one side screams at the other side. Which side are you on? Because there has to be a side, right? You can’t just choose the middle. You can’t just choose peace or love. You can’t just get along with your neighbor. You HAVE to pick a side.

It comes down to this: somebody’s wrong, and you’re right. And with you being right, there’s points to be proven. Things to be said. So. You have to be mad. It’s the only way to stand up for what’s right. And not only do you have to be mad, but you also have to tell everyone else that you’re mad (and right). You can’t just be mad (and right) and not tell anyone. Then you’d be mad for no reason.

We’re all searching for answers, but there is no right answer. Even if there was an absolutely correct answer for all of us (something that would make everyone happy) it would still be considered wrong. By somebody. Sometimes you’re mad just to be mad, and the actual topic doesn’t even matter. Disagreeing and arguing, and letting your opinion heard is what’s most important. The other side’s point is hardly even heard. Share your views. Scream. Stand by your beliefs. Continue being mad.

Most of the time—especially now, more than ever—I choose silence. Because you couldn’t hear me anyway. It’s too loud out there.

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