Beautiful Landscapes, by Madee Deroche

Nash’s Note: I was out of town a few months ago, working on a creative project with some friends, when I stumbled on Bogue Falaya Wayside Park. I walked around it a few times, admiring its beauty, and then placed my backpack next to a tree, turning it into a pillow. I handed Madee my camera and gave her a quick crash-course before falling asleep. She’s 13, and never used a professional camera before, so I figured this would keep her occupied for awhile.

After sleeping for two hours, and being woken up by an evil lizard landing on me, I noticed she was still taking pictures. When she finally walked back to me, she was so proud of what she had taken. On the way home, I handed her my iPad, and asked her to write me a paragraph that would compliment the pictures. That paragraph and those pictures organically became this guest post.

Beautiful Landscapes

Some people are scared to leave home, because they don’t know what they’ll find. When you go to different places around the world, you get to experience something life-changing. How the place looks varies from where you are. You can find changing landscapes and cultures no matter the distance. Everywhere is different! Every step you take and every road you drive leads to some place new. No matter how many places you’ve been to or things you’ve seen, there’s always more waiting for you to find. Experiences from traveling give feelings of peace, happiness, or even a sense of adventure. Seeing things you never believed you’d see makes your mind just explode with awe! I love the simple and peaceful places like quiet parks and hiking trails far off in the woods. Places where I can just take everything in and let my mind be at ease. These are the moments that are most unforgettable for me.

Here’s Some Pictures Taken With Nash’s Camera.

On Our Way Home, We Stopped and Visited My Friend’s Grave.

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