Taking Flight, by Matt DeRoche

Nash’s Note

Matt, a very good friend, and a helicopter pilot, moved away earlier this year for work, flying around Missouri (if you consider that work). He’ll be home soon for a couple months, before planning his next adventure. I asked him to gather all the photos he captured during his time away, and share some thoughts on his experience over that time. This guest post is special to me for a couple reasons: the amazing photos, the unique look at a profession that I know nothing about, and the fact that he originally resisted doing a guest post, thinking he didn’t have much to share that would be worthy of an actual post. As you can see though, that’s the furthest from being true.

Taking Flight

Etl, Vortex Ring State, Lte, Dissymmetry of Lift, Translating Tendancy, Confined Landings, Gyroscopic Procession: All Aerodynamic Mubo-Jumbo That Everyone Learns in Flight School. This Past Year I Put It All Together. I Can’t Get Into the Lengthy Process It Took for Me to Get Here, but I’m Finally Here. This Year Was Eye Opening and I Couldn’t Help but Try to Capture Moments Behind the Lens.

I Experienced Most of the State of Missouri From the Air. It’s Difficult to Explain What It Feels Like to See the World a Little Smaller Than It Used to Be. I Endured Rain Storms, Snow Storms, Tree Strikes, Blistering Temps and Long Days. I Can Recall Every Thump of the Blades Resonating With the Accelerated Pulse in My Veins.

I Was Fortunate to Meet Amazing People With My Time and Took Away a Lot of Valuable Advice. There Were Many Early Mornings That I’d Float Above Tree Tops and Exchange a Simple Wave With a Kid Playing in the Yard. Perhaps Another Generation of Pilot Was Sparked in Those Moments.

I Explored Caves, Forests, Lakes, Ruins, Cliffs, Clouds, Crop Fields, Streams, Cities and Much More. Most Importantly, I Learned I Was More Capable of Using My Fear Than Losing to It.

I Owe My Life to the Lord. I Know He’s Been With Me, Challenging Me, Guiding Me, and Using Me. I Recall Ending a Long Day and Reading Through Several Verses Beneath the Setting Sun When I Landed Upon Psalm 19:1. The Heavens Declare the Glory of God; the Skies Proclaim the Work of His Hands”.

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