May Recap

Welcome to the New Monthly Recap. This One Was Written for the Newsletter First. Blogged Second. Opposite From How It Usually Is. Hope You Enjoy This Switch. Here’s What I’ve Been up to This Month.

May Photos

May Went by Much Faster Than April. and It Was Less Eventful. but There’s Just As Much Contentment and Excitement. If Not More.

To Be a Good Human Being Is to Have a Kind of Openness to the World, an Ability to Trust Uncertain Things Beyond Your Own Control. - Martha Nussbaum

The Closing of a Season

Everything should fit into a little box. This blog post is me boxing up the season, writing March, April, and May of 2019” on the side of that box with a black sharpie, and then walking away, because I know that what’s ahead will look much different.

Three Years, No Alcohol

It was three years ago when I last tasted alcohol. It feels weird to have this milestone, because I never had a problem with drinking. There’s people out there that struggle with this. I’m not one of them. The decision I made back then was less about sobriety and more about character building. I simply knew that it didn’t fit into the plans I have for my life. Three years later, that decision seems so obvious now: although minor to someone who was only a social drinker, it’s those little decisions multiplied over days and years that create the person I ultimately want to be. This milestone, alongside all the other milestones I’ve created for myself, serve as a reminder to just keep going. It’s that simple.

Be the Light

$22.99 — Every Three Days a New Order Is Processed And Shipped.

It’s actually really simple. We make it complicated. There’s people around us, every day, that we usually just walk past, with a simple hello and a smile, but we’re not making an impact on their lives. We’re not showing up the way we truly can. Our potential is so much greater than that. There’s broken people. There’s creative people. There’s people that are leaders, but were never given a true opportunity to be a leader. There’s people that we meet daily, that have an infinite amount of potential, but have shadows of doubt looming over them. We have a special opportunity to bridge that gap.

$22.99 — Every Three Days a New Order Is Processed And Shipped.

There’s a Glitch in the System

There’s a glitch in the system. Our path is distorted by the world’s view of what success looks like. The Illusion of Progress. Don’t let someone else’s progress dictate the pace and direction of your own. We all have our own race to run, and my race won’t look like yours. There’s too many of us that are missing out on our breakthroughs, simply because we’re imitating someone else’s path. We might even be going in the complete wrong direction, simply because it’s someone else’s route that we’re tracing. Run YOUR race. Find the glitch. It’s there.

Imitate the Trees. Learn to Lose in Order to Recover, and Remember That Nothing Stays the Same for Long. — May Sarton

Don’t Let a Bad Season Define You

Don’t let a bad season define you. Many of us are walking around with the baggage of yesterday, simply because of the label that season gave us.

That’s Not Your Identity.


Bought a Camera, Going Pro. Got Married and Have a Video to Prove It. Rose Was Born November 12th. Just Lost Our Husky. Last Updated: May 18th, 2022.

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