The Missing Pilot Bag: A Ps5 Story

This Story Wasn’t Edited After Writing. Just a Quick Recap of a Story.

As I was moving into my new home, I made sure to put the Playstation 5, (and controller, headphones, Apple TV, remotes, etc.) in one separate bag away from all the craziness of moving. I have this cool green pilot bag that a friend (who’s a pilot) gave me. I could never find a use for it, until I realized the PS5 fits in there. 1

When I brought this bag into the new home, I remember searching for the best place to put it so everyone hauling stuff wouldn’t be able to get to it and hit it, move it, or even mess with it. Not sure how durable these PS5s are, but for the price and how hard they are to find, I wasn’t taking any chances. I decided to put it behind Olivia’s clothes. I continued moving, knowing it was now safe.

The next day, I decided to setup all the tv stuff. I went in the closet, under Olivia’s clothes to grab the pilot bag, but it wasn’t there. I checked all over underneath her clothes, nothing. I started searching all around it. I went look in every room, in bags, in other closets. The pilot bag was gone. I started messaging all the other people with vehicles, for them to check their vehicles. Maybe I didn’t bring it into the house. Maybe I imagined that. I remember loading it into my car and bringing it in, but maybe, just maybe, hopefully, it’s with one of them. Because it’s not here. (They messaged back. Wasn’t there.

This searching and stressing went on for two days. I kept backtracking my steps. Remembering the exact moment of every step. I played the moments back in my head like a detective retracing the murder scene. Olivia’s dad went to grab pilot bag from old apartment’s table. I quickly told him Let me help you with that one.” Brought it immediately to my car. Later when I got back home, I looked at my little brother and said, First let me go pick up my bag.” That must be your PS5,” he replied as I was walking away with the pilot bag. Next, I took the pilot bag into the house, past all the boxes and people, walked directly to the back of the house, scanned the room, where would nobody be able to see, hit, SMASH this bag in a worse case scenario. Closet. Behind clothes. That’s it. BEHIND. Not under. I been looking UNDER. My detective daydream ended with me knowing where it was, even though I went feel under all the hanging clothes ten times, I never looked BEHIND the hanging clothes. I got to the room, went to the left side of clothes, and reached between them for the first time. There it is! I couldn’t see it, but I knew exactly what material to feel for. I pulled out the bag with a combination of relief and happiness.

Cool story I thought. I’ve heard of people hiding something so well that they hide it from themselves. Now I have that kind of story.

  1. This is what it looks like.


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