Monthly Recap (May 2017)

What a month. A lot happened (new town, new apartment, new job location, new baby in the family). I broke through barriers, and forced my words to arrive on the page. It started with Zero Gravity, then an 8-minute song, titled I Always Mean Well. I wrote about Endless, Frank Ocean’s album before the album. I wrote my mom a simple Happy Mother’s Day paragraph about how much she means to me. I wrote a birthday post to myself, titled 31: a blank canvas. I announced Art At The Park, a 6-week small group for the summer. I wrote about Chris Paul hopefully going to the Spurs. I wrote about how it’s been a year since I drank any alcohol. And the one that I haven’t spoke about yet, but spent several days building: my About page has become an all-in-one location for everything on my site. It simplified everything for me, while giving me more power and flexibility.

Marilyn Monroe:

The sky is not the limit. Your mind is.