My Morning Routine

This is how my mornings look:

  • wake up early, 5 am
  • make bed right away
  • pack bag for day/gym
  • make coffee for the day
  • go for a walk around city
  • write for at least 30 minutes

One friend asked me how I’m able to wake up so early every morning, because she attempts to do the same thing, but usually just goes right back to sleep. Another friend told me that he couldn’t do a daily routine, because every day looks different to him.

The reason I do a mourning routine, and the reason I’m able to do it so consistently, is because no matter what the rest of the day throws at me, I can control the beginning of it. If I had nothing that motivated me to climb out of bed, then it would be easy to roll over and go back to sleep. The key is to have something that’s more important than sleeping.

  • Wake Up Early: I used to wake up and go straight to work, and not get anything accomplished before leaving.

  • Make bed: I would get home from a long day, see a messy bed, and wish I would’ve taken a few minutes to at least make the bed.

  • Pack Bag: So many times throughout the week, I would forget something at home and wish I would’ve packed it.

  • Make Coffee: Instead of buying expensive coffee, or not having time to get a coffee later, I would wish I would’ve made me some before leaving home.

  • Walk: I used to always talk about walking and living healthier, but wouldn’t have time later in the day.

  • Write: I would think about writing all day, but couldn’t find the time to sit down and actually write.

If I wake up early enough, I can do everything that I used to wish I had time for. Each one of these six things come from the desire to do more each day.

And what I love most about this routine is, it’s usually about 7 am when I’m finish up, and even though I’ve accomplished six things already, my day is still just getting started.

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