My 2017 Toyota Corolla iM

Here’s a long-winded post about my new car and my reasons for getting it.

My new car is a 2017 Corolla iM. A hatchback? Yep. First iM in my town, and I own it. But a hatchback? Who would’ve thought. I sure didn’t. After a few test drives yesterday, and taking pictures, and discussing it with friends, and seeing how this car would fit into my life, both form and function . . . and then looking back at my old car (2013 Malibu), I knew that I didn’t want to go back home without the iM.

It was the first car I saw on the lot when I pulled up. A few salesman were gathered around it, checking it out (first iM on their lot). I acknowledged it, but didn’t give it much attention. My intentions were to leave in a Camry, but after hearing more about the iM, I decided to take it on a test drive. I drove to my mom’s house, let her see it (that’s when I took the picture in this post), and then Chase and I drove back to Toyota. That’s when I started seeing myself in this car, on the test drive. Music to the car salesmen’s ears.

The first thing I noticed when leaving the dealership was the Sport Mode: when turning this feature on, it felt like I was in a race car, (or, more realistically, a Camero). I wouldn’t use this feature all the time, since it wouldn’t be as fuel efficient, but I’m thankful that I have it. Eco Mode is more of what I’ll use on a daily basis: as long as I stay inside the meter, the Eco light is lit, and I’ll get the most MPG.

The safety technology in the car was the next few things I noticed: backup camera, lane departure alerts, and pre-collision alerts, three features that I’ve never had before, but I know how beneficial they are. After a few drives with these feature, I’m already spoiled by them. Backing up, I see what’s behind me. When I drift in the other lane, the car starts beeping. I realize now how much time I actually spend in the wrong lane.

One of my favorite things about this car is the touch-screen radio (I’m also a big fan of it not having a CD player: simplicity), the bluetooth audio, and the speakers (which sounded great when listening to a few albums). When I start the car up, it automatically starts playing whatever I was listening to last on my phone.

The final feature of this car that I love, surprisingly, is the hatchback. The amount of space for storage suits my needs much more than a huge trunk does. I have just enough space for the things I usually keep with me. Right now, it’s holding my basketball shoes and a basketball. It’s refreshing to have a vehicle with only the amount of space needed, and nothing more, instead of a huge trunk that’ll never be put to use.

The Big Three

Getting this car was more than just getting a nice ride with fancy new features. This car signified the changes that are happening in my life. I didn’t need this car at all, my Malibu only had 34,000 miles on it.

But I decided to get this car for these reasons:

Motivation: My old manager at Trapp Chevrolet once told me that getting a new car motivates you in ways that you would never think: It drives you (bad pun), you wake up with the intention to make money, and with a new motivation to pay your bills. He is the manager to a car dealership though, so of course he would say that. But I take that advice and look at it like this: giving myself new challenges and more responsibilities will only increase my threshold for what I can handle. I look back at what I’ve accomplished in the past two years, and how I’ve grown with managing my finances, and I see this car as the next step in that direction.

Reliability: My previous car was only three years old—basically still a baby—so I shouldn’t have been worrying about reliability, but I was. I started noticing things squeaking and lights coming on, and windows rubbing as they were going up, and the two front tires were ready to be changed—and it all added up to me looking for an exit (another bad pun). I dreaded the thought of paying a note on a car that was giving me problems, even if they were a bunch of fixable small ones.

Fresh Start: This is the most important reason. My old Malibu comes with three years of history, it comes with three of the most emotional moments in my life, and it comes with old versions of myself that no longer hold any power. I’ve outgrown my past, and this new car, the iM, is another great example of me showing my growth.

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