My New Setup (iPhone and iPad)

I’ve recently made some changes to my daily computers, downsizing both devices.


It’s been two years now that I’ve worked for AT&T, and one of the perks of working there is that they give you a work phone to use. Until recently, I was attached to my personal number, and my routine of getting the new iPhone each year. It took me awhile to figure out that I could do this, but after testing it for a month now, I’m happy to let go of my personal phone and phone number.

I’ll now be using my work phone, which is an iPhone 7 (that was previously always dead at home. I never used it because I didn’t want to carry around two phones). And I’ll be selling or trading in my iPhone 7 Plus, which will save me a lot of money on my phone bill.


For over a year now, I’ve owned the iPad Pro. The big one (12.9″). I loved everything about it, but only when I was sitting or laying down. That iPad is way too big for usage on the go. So I traded my friend, who had the smaller version of the Pro. I told her to give me a few days to see if I would miss the bigger size, but other than the space on the screen being tighter and crammed (which I’ve gotten used to now), there’s nothing pulling me back to the bigger size. I’m happier now with the smaller version.


I’m happy to have a more compact setup, letting go of size, for devices that fit better in my hands and in my life. I barely use my phone for a phone, so my personal number isn’t that important to me. And I’ve learned that the bigger sizes don’t always mean better. They were inconvenient in almost every way, so this has been a nice way for me to optimize my usage.

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