My thoughts on Apple’s Netflix competitor

John Koblin:

Producers and entertainment executives who have met recently with Apple executives said the company has been leaning toward programming in keeping with its bright, optimistic brand identity. In other words, it seems possible that Apple will shy away from projects that are gratuitously dark or heavy on social issues. They added that the company was targeting somewhere between March 2019 and the summer of that year to roll out its slate of new programming.

March 2019 seems further than I would’ve expected. I predict we’ll see something by this fall.

As Dan Moren points out, this could even start off as free:

The assumption has been that Apple would either bundle its TV offerings into Apple Music or have some separate package. But what if it decided to make some of its programming free at the outset? Starting a new video-streaming service from the ground up is a tough row to hoe, and we still don’t know much about the possibilities for its back-catalog library content.

Interesting to think about Apple having their Netflix competitor being free, or at least having a free-tier on every Apple device. This would be a major differentiator, and something that I’ll have to think more on.

I’ve been thinking of Apple using names that they’ve already established to brand this upcoming project. Apple TV would be their Netflix, and Apple Care would be their Amazon Prime type package, that would bundle Apple Music, Apple TV, iCloud, Apple Books, Apple News, and even hardware insurance. Apple Care (without insurance) would be $99 a year. Apple Care Plus (with insurance) would be $199. These are all guesses, but simplifying the package offerings this way seems like the goal.

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