My Thoughts on Russell Westbrook Being Traded for Chris Paul

I like this move, for a lot of reasons:

  • For Westbrook: this puts him on a contender, and pairs him with his friend/old teammate. I think this is a much better fit for James Harden than what Chris Paul was.

  • For the Thunder: they get to move off of Westbrook, and get picks for him. Continuing their rebuilding. They’re stacking up picks, and they’re not done yet.

  • For Chris Paul: I see him being moved very soon. Probably the Heat? Is a buyout possible? If so, the Lakers? I highly doubt he’ll stay in OKC, that would be a lateral move if he doesn’t leave. Bad contract for bad contract, and a few years older than Westbrook. Wouldn’t make sense.

Having Chris Paul stand in the corner while Harden plays iso ball, never made sense to me. While on the other hand, Westbrook shouldn’t play point guard. I’ve always said that. So I like that dynamic.

This take isn’t over, since we don’t know what happens yet with CP, but I expect him somewheres else in a few days.


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