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Surviving Pancreatitis, and Building A Leather Company, by Nash Pitre Sr.

Nash’s Note: It was about two years ago when I went to visit my dad. I didn’t hear from him for months and began to worry. I traveled a few hours north to check on him, but when I arrived there, they told me he was receiving medical treatment and they couldn’t tell me anything else.

I drove back for hours worried and wondering what was going on, and what kind of news I’d eventually receive. Several weeks later, my dad finally called. He sounded weak and in lots of pain. The words that followed, after he asked how I was doing of course, still replay in my mind. I almost didn’t make it,” he said.

This guest post tells that story, as well the story of how he turned a moment of stillness and pain into a new skill. It’s these moments that define us. Obstacles. They’re capable of completely defeating us. Or, we can overcome them. My dad is the strongest person I know, and he continues to prove what a person is capable of by simply not giving up.

Part 1


There’s nothing more effective to make changes in one’s life than finding out you have have developed a severe illness. For instance, many people who find out they’ve developed cancer are suddenly compelled to stop smoking. Or if someone finds out that they have developed liver disease, they suddenly decide to stop drinking. In my case, it had nothing to do with my liver, nor was it considered cancer. Thank God. But I did have to stop working for awhile.

Halfway through the year of 2018, I was diagnosed with having severe pancreatitis. At the time, I thought I was finished and wasn’t going to make it through it all. It was the most painful experience I’ve ever been through (and I’ve been through some tough ones), but this was entirely different. As I laid in a hospital for months, I just knew my physical stamina was dwindling down to nothing. I knew there would be an extensive rehabilitation period after this little tenure in the hospital. There always was, after being bedridden for so long.

But the human body is an amazing thing. How many times throughout our lives do we get sick then recover? When we get hurt, we heal. When we break something in our bodies, over time, it mends. Extraordinarily, time after time, the human body automatically kicks into overdrive in order to overcome whatever setbacks we put it through. So as it was in my case, my body fought to regain its composure—like an ice skater who suddenly fell while trying to attempt an exceptionally difficult move. I got back on my feet and pushed myself to recuperate, as I always have in the past.

Eventually, my body started to respond, and I was on the mend again. The doctors told me that pancreatitis is a slow recovery process. Sometimes it can take years to recover. Other times, there’s no recovery at all. As for myself, so far so good. But the truth is, I continually believe that God always has a hand in such matters. Maybe I was meant to do what I’m doing now. Maybe I was guided somehow in this direction.

Part 2

Roman Leather

So what was I supposed to do with this recovery time? I’ve never been one to sit around and do nothing. My mind just doesn’t work that way. But I guess my body was trying to make me slow down a little. So I did what I’ve always done when faced with an uncertainty from an illness. I started to brainstorm on how to keep my mind busy and my body at ease.

I started to tinker around with leather and eventually started making leather products. You see, working with leather is not a physical job like the ones I’m used to. And since my body was telling me to take a break, I decided to plant myself on a stool and use my mind instead of my physical ability. What I came up with was Roman Leather. Well, my boys came up with it actually. Of course I had to ask Nash Jr. and Nicholas, my two boys, with whom I confide in with every fiber of my being, on how to go about this whole endeavor. And of course they offered me their insight on how to go about it all. When collaborating with both of their knowledgeable abilities, the three of us came up with a very effective method on producing a high-quality, all handmade, all hand-stitched product line that will be attractive for everyone.

From children to teenagers, and from adults to grandparents, both male and female, we’ll have a product made for them, provided by Roman Leather. We are new to the world of leather products, and are already turning out very beautiful, stylish, and durable items.

We have a line of men’s wallets that are sure to make great gifts for dads and grandpas. Our ladies wallets are attractive and elegant in every way. With various color schemes in all types of leather.

As time moves forward, our output will become even more diverse and creative. We will strive for quality and assurance to ensure our customers will be completely satisfied with their purchases. With all of this being said, we at Roman Leather wish you the very best of life, and we’re hoping for a long-lasting relationship between us and yourselves, well into the future. May God Bess you and your loved ones.

I have dozens of products available right now, building out the infrastructure needed to have a real leather company. In the meantime, if you see something you like, get in touch.

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