NBA 2K14: First Impressions

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On my lunch break yesterday, I went preorder NBA 2K14. I then waited for 7 p.m. to watch the Saints destroy the Dolphins. Five Red Bulls and four Abita Ambers later, the Saints game was over, and I went pick up my baby, NBA 2K14.

That’s my introduction to this year’s game, and now, here’s my first impressions.

Online Lag

For the first few hours, I must’ve played twenty games, and all of them ended before halftime, due to connection issues. Thankfully, around 4 a.m., the lag and disconnections were gone, and I was able to finish two full games. I lost both of them.


The first, and most important thing to discuss, is the right stick (or as they call it this year, the Pro Stick). Learn that and you’ll be all set. That goes for both offense and defense.

On offense: everything happens from the right stick. Shots, dribble moves, layups, and even passes (if you hold the left trigger down while pressing the right stick a certain direction, you’ll do a fancy pass to the teammate in that direction. Be careful though, if you’re not skilled and good with your timing, that’ll be an easy turnover). Crossovers, spin moves, behind the backs, jab steps, basically anything that’ll get your defender off of you, all happens from the right stick.

For dribble moves, you flick, don’t hold. Holding the right stick is how you shoot. Understanding that is understanding 2K14.

On defense: this year’s defense is where it’s at. The right stick helps create contact, preventing the ball handler to get around you. Mix that with the left trigger to clamp down and play tighter, plus the new blocking system: if you time it right, it’ll be impossible to get a shot off on you, but be careful, jump when you’re not supposed to, and you’ll land on your opponent, creating a blocking foul. There’s so many new ways to play D and create loose balls. This year, more than ever, seems to have tackled the fundamentals of defense. It’s a beautiful thing to see great defense without ever having to reach in for a steal.


My two favorite offensive changes comes from the LB button, and the B button.

Holding down LB brings up Smart Plays, depending on where you’re positioned at on the floor, a play will be setup for you to be successful without much effort other than running the play that’s drawn up for that moment.

My other favorite change is how pick and rolls are now created with the B button. With Chris Paul, I was able to orchestrate the offense the way you’d see it in real life, and this was only from a few hours of practice.

This is just the beginning. Now it’s time to master another year of basketball.<

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