Network (2017)

A minimal recap of the noise.

Week 38

As you can tell, I’ve been very intentional about the noise lately. I’ve been asking myself what’s really important and what’s just passing by. It doesn’t pay to waist my energy on something that is only temporary. So much so, that I’m even rethinking the Network project all together. But, maybe it’s good in this current form, with week numbers and thoughts like this.

Week 37

A leak happened during the end of last week. The GM build of iOS 11 put the Apple community in disarray, as it leaked tons of surprises that were supposed to be saved for the keynote.

I’ve been making iterations to this Network concept: shrinking it down to its core, so it’ll age well, and remove clutter that truly doesn’t matter.

Week 36

I did something cool lately. I muted the noise completely. This will be one page that I’ll be happy with not being updated as much.

Hurricane Irma is now a Category 5, and is one the strongest hurricanes ever recorded in the Atlantic.

The week before the big Apple event. A week before we see the Steve Jobs Theater for the first time. A week before we see the 10th anniversary iPhone for the first time.

Week 35

Here’s the trailer for Brawl in Cell Block 99. Here’s everything coming to Netflix in September. Nexus: 2036 is the bridge between the original Blade Runner and the upcoming Blade Runner: 2049. Jerry Before Seignfeld is coming to Netflix in September. Taylor Swifts new music video.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at Apple’s Fitness Lab. The iPhone event is on the 12th of next month, just a few weeks away. Here’s how Apple is changing the way you multitask and get to the home screen on the new iPhone. LTE Apple Watch is rumored to be announced too. Apple is aiming to use the Steve Jobs Theater for the event, but construction is still going on. Almost entirely underground.

If you want success, you have to go get it. Leo Babauta shares his thoughts on being single-minded, and not doing two tasks at once. Texas could need FEMA for years. Here’s the solar eclipse from 9,700 feet.

Week 34

The Fight: Just a few hours away. This will be a circus. Gruber on Mayweather: I completely agree with this. 65%: The clock is ticking.

Humble: Yiorgos breaks down the three creative camera techniques used to make the Humble music video.

Goldeneye: My first First Person Shooter. Great memories. Taylor Swift: This is different. Kevin Durant: Always a good conversation when these two guys talk. Hurricane Harvey: This is getting scary. Whole Food Prime: The first sign of Amazon integrating into Whole Foods.

 Teaching Social Media: This is all the way back from 2009. Incredible that this could’ve been recorded yesterday. Huge fan of this guy. Things: My task manager. I’ve tightened up this process a lot lately, and this app helps me focus on everything. NBA Offseason: A gif that sums it all up. Ulysses Workflow : Here’s a video that Shawn Blanc made, showing how he uses the app. It’s the app I use the most on all of my devices. Def Comedy Jam 25: So. Many. Names. Body Suit: I’m ready for my jetpack.

Network Feedback: This is still new, but I’m confident that this will be a great asset to the site. Here’s a readers feedback:

I like the concept. I like the centrality of the material. I overall really enjoy it. It’s like news but for everything that’s NOT news. I’m busy now a days. It gives a one stop shop if ya will to keep up on things that I find important and even things that I don’t like but maybe useful in everyday conversation that overall boosts my social skills as in the game of thrones bs. I don’t know it don’t want to but you give me just enough to interact with someone who does and not sound like an idiot. Very well done sir.

Game of Thrones: I don’t like how convenient things are. It feels like decisions are being made based on time left. I think it’s showing that they’re out of source material. It’s lacking the pacing and complicated story structure that made all the other seasons so special. A season never was this direct. Big characters are magically appearing together because the writers need them to.

Netflix in September: Pulp Fiction, Dead Poets Society, The Squid and the Whale, Mark Maron, Foo Fighters, Jerry Before Seinfeld.

Disney is working on a Netflix competitor: Combining ESPN, which they own, and their huge Disney catalog. Everyone wants their own streaming service. Most will fail. I predict Disney will succeed.

Jay Z Eats Press: A great read. This guy has been impressing me and paving the way for nearly my entire life. This has been a good year for Jay, in the sense of aging gracefully.

Remocing Amp: This is huge. AMP is the worst. Noise: A note from the editor.

Headphone Jack: People are so scared of inconvenience, even when it’s obvious where technology is headed. Apple removed the headphone jack because they don’t need it anymore. It’s pointless to someone who never uses it. I’ve been using Bluetooth headphones and speakers for years. The same with discs. I can’t remember the last time I used an actual disc drive.

Samsung: my thoughts on Flash and Headphone Jacks. The Shelf: Didn’t think I’d need something like this until seeing it in action. The Joker: I have a good feeling about this. Scorsese telling the story of how Joker became Joker. Can’t wait.

Green Bubbles: iPhone lock-in, due to users not wanting green bubbles, meaning all of their friends and family use iMessage, is a real thing. iMessage, and what Apple has done to create so much value in it, is underrated. For many people, it’s the primary reason they stay with an iPhone.

Kyrie Irving is a Celtic: When news broke last month that Kyrie wanted to be traded, many said he wouldn’t be traded right away. I predicted that he’d be gone before the season started. Boston gets an upgrade at the point guard position, pairing him with Hayward. Cavs get Thomas, Crowder, and Brooklyn’s pick. I’m a big fan of Isaiah’s game, and I believe pairing him LeBron will put an even bigger spotlight on what he’s capable of. Thomas also played AAU with Kevin Love, so the chemistry there is interesting. The NBA storylines are never-ending.

Essential Phone: If you don’t like iPhone, this Essential Phone is what you want.

Minimalism, Embrace it: Look around your life. What can be removed? The smallest thing removed opens up new areas to enjoy. Clearing away distractions helps your perspective on the things you love and the future you want for yourself.

Run Jump Die: This looks like a fun iPhone game. Sonic Mania: My Nintendo Switch keeps getting better. The games I have are a blast to play, and Sonic is now included in this list.

iPhone Pro: This picture shows a glimpse of what’s to come next month. This new iPhone will be radically different than what we’re used to.

iPhone Multitasking: I’d be so much more productive if this would come to the iPhone. Switching apps like a ninja. I predict that if you keep swiping up, you’ll get to the home screen.

SNES: Nintendo has been killing it lately. It feels like they’re finally understanding who they are and what sets them apart. It’s fun to watch. Dark Fantasy by Kanye West: I’m loving this podcast.

iPhone: We’re getting to close to the big announcement. This will be the biggest iPhone release in it’s 10-year history. Death Note: Looks like Netflix bombed on the adaption of one of my favorite anime’s. Eclipse: We are so weird.From a plane. Peace: There’s nothing in this world above peace. I’ve learned that the hard way, but now it comes first. 43 Bulletpoints on Personal Productivity: so many good points.

Taylor Swift: With no profile picture, no other tweets, and no one that she’s following, 15 minutes ago, this tweet arrived.

Game of Thrones: The White Walkers are even scarier than I expected them to be. And now they have…removed spoiler. One episode left before we’re left with nothing to watch. This makes me sad. Time to watch Talk The Thrones.

Nintendo Switch: As popular as the Switch is, I still think it’s underrated compared to the other consoles. I can’t think of a console that I’ve enjoyed more. I bring it with me everywhere I go, and I’ve never see a crowd of people love games so much.

Jay Z’s Interview With Rap Radar: This full interview is worth watching. Jay doesn’t do interviews often, so we tend to forget how well and clearly he speaks. Topics come up and he covers them through conversations that always feel direct.

 Jay Z Discusses Kanye : I wrote this before finding the full interview: A small clip of Jay being interviewed, and the way he explains the feud between Kanye was interesting. I don’t usually see an artist diss another on an album, and then explain it as properly and eloquent as this. There’s usually still tension.