November 16, 2018

The Theme for This Journal Is Growing Pains.

There’s too many moving parts right now. It’ll be a few more weeks before things slow down for me. Until then, I’ll just ride this wave to where it takes me.

New Face

I hired someone to design me something for my site. My face. A cartoon version of it. Once that design arrives, you’ll see it everywhere (my social accounts, bottom of my site, and on a shirt). I’m excited for the branding changes, and it’ll help everything connect and look much better.

New Tech

Plan on writing a bigger story on this, but for now, sold the iPhone X, paid it off and got a free iPhone 6. Traded the iPhone 6 for an iPhone SE and a GoPro. Sold the Apple Watch Series 3, got the Series 4. Sold my old iPad Pro for the new iPad Pro that was just released. I haven’t done the math yet, but by how meticulous I was with each sell and trade, I was able to upgrade all of my devices for almost no cost. I learned a lot through this crazy change in tech. I think this is what NBA GMs feel like when they’re putting the puzzle of a roster together.

Old Tech

I sold my iPad Pro to my mom, I’m excited that she has a good computer now, and I’ll be able to help her with it. I used that iPad daily for many hours, for a few years, so I know it’s power.

I also gave my little sister my Mac computer. I think she’s gonna love it.

New Home

Spending all of my free time this month preparing to move to a new location. I’ll be downsizing by 90%, so I’m selling almost all of my possessions. It’s been fun wheeling and dealing everything I own. I’m learning a lot with each thing I sell.

Tough Luck

Due to all these changes though, something happened this morning. Feels like it was bound to happen with how many changes are happening at once. Woke up this morning and realized I couldn’t find my AirPods. I spent the morning rethinking the last place I had them, and I believe I left them at gym two days ago. That’s a $160 loss right there.

Tough Luck Part 2

My new Warby Parker eye glasses. I went to clean the lens this morning, and somehow scratched them really bad. These are some expensive glasses, so I panicked. I went to their site and started chatting with the costumer service, and they’re sending me a new pair immediately. I just fell in love with their brand all over again.

Moving Parts

Like I said at the beginning, there’s a lot of moving parts in my life. I told a friend last night that I realized recently how much my comfort zone is when I’m in transition: traveling to a destination interests me more than the location. The process of something is the exciting for me. Not the finish line. Right now, I have anxiety with all these moving pieces. Anxiety on both ends of the spectrum, good nerves and bad nerves. I have a plan. I have a vision for my life and I’m continuing to iterate and focus on that vision playing out. But there’s no finish line. Just the transition of it all keeps me satisfied.

Bought a Camera, Going Pro. Got Married and Have a Video to Prove It. Rose Was Born November 12th. Just Lost Our Husky. Last Updated: May 18th, 2022.

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