October 19, 2018

A lot of the things on my mind are meant to be bigger blog posts, on their own, but I’ll write it here first, to gather my thoughts.

Out of Town

I’m currently out of town in Bastrop, La. North Louisiana for work. I didn’t realize until I looked on the map, how close I am to Arkansas. My first day here, I found a local basketball gym, and I’ve played there twice since I been here. I’ll be traveling three hours tomorrow morning to go visit my dad in Oakdale. That’ll be a nice surprise for him.

New Blog Features

Jay Ray, the guy from the last guest post, has been really assisting me on upgrading the layers underneath what you’re seeing. They’re subtle to the eye, but very big in how I think about my work. I feel like this is just the beginning. Here’s two things we did yesterday.

Two new features on nashp.com:

  • At the very top, there’s a randomized ticker that shuffles through the last 25 posts.

  • At the very bottom, click the square box that says, Every month is a blank canvas,” and the box opens up to show you everything I’ve created for the month.

These are just the beginning, and ultimately, I’m rethinking a lot of the things on my site. I love that I have so much content everywhere, and now I can think deeply about how I want each one to be shown to you. The Footer” is a great example, and it’s the key thinking of how I want my site to perform. No matter what page you’re on, underneath the content you came for, there’s an up-sell” on the rest of my content. I know you came for this, but look at everything else that’s going on too.” So what you came for, is not usually what you’ll walk away enjoying the most.

Just Press Record

There’s an app that I’ll be using a lot going forward, called Just Press Record. It’s just a little red dot on my Apple Watch’s home screen. I look at my wrist, press the red dot next to the time, and it begins recording high quality audio. As soon as I end the recording, that audio file is on my iPhone and iPad. I’ll be experimenting with this process, and seeing if I can create a on-the-go podcast/journal type of recording…similar to these journals I’ve began making, I could make an audio version, from my wrist. Or quick interviews with someone. We’ll see.

12 Week Planner

From now until the end of the year counts as my 12 week plan. I’ve been slowly implementing this system into my daily routine, and learning how to switch my thinking into this 12 week method, where my entire focus should only be on the projects I’ve planned for during this time period.

Creative Minds

During these 12 weeks, there’s three Creative Minds events: October 26th, November 30th, and December 28th. The last Friday of each of those months. I’ll be traveling back from Bastrop next Friday, and heading straight to the Creative Minds event. I’m excited that this group is back, and I’m really enjoying these monthly meetups. Gives me another thing to look forward to.

Financial Peace

I only have a few weeks left in the Financial Peace Small Group, and I still have a long way to go, but the system put in place for me has helped me in big ways. There’s habits that I’ve been able to break, and I’m continuing to work on and improve. The main thing that’s noticeably different is my mentality towards eating. I’ve completely removed the option of fast food and restaurants from the equation. Even out of town, in a hotel, I went buy groceries for the hotel. I’ve taken advantage of the free morning breakfast at the hotel. I’m just being mindful about how I eat.


I recently switched from Things to OmniFocus for task and project management. It’s helped a lot with three things: Sequential Projects, Defer Dates, and Review. It’s helped me from not being overwhelmed with all the things I have going on. Sequential Projects have become critical for me, since it’ll never show me the task behind the task above it. I won’t see the 20 tasks behind whatever needs to be done first. Only what needs to be done now. Defer let’s me hide a task that can’t be done until the date I need to see it. And Review makes sure nothing falls through the cracks and I miss something important. In my heart, I know I want to use Things in the long run, but for now, I didn’t have a choice. I couldn’t keep up with everything I have going on, and I needed a better system.

Nba Is Back

This week has been filled with watching and listening to NBA content, and watching all the games that are on TV. From the rookies, to the newly structured teams, to the superstars doing what they do best, it’s all a 24/7 thing I tune into. I can’t get enough of this stuff.

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