October 31, 2020

Just finished going on a motorcycle ride with Olivia for a few hours. Now back, flashing sd card to install Ubuntu on Raspberry Pi. Organized my Things app to structure all my tasks and projects. Planning to experiment with not using the iPad as much, and just use iPhone, more paper and pencil, and Kindle—as I prepare to sell iPad. It’ll be a fun experiment, as I rely on the iPad so much. Wonder how much do I really need it, compared to just being comfortable with it always being there.

Testing. No iPad. Just iPhone paired to my Keychron keyboard. iPhone is propped up on my desk. This seems like a great way to bypass needing a iPad to get long form writing done. iPhone and a keyboard. Simple. That’s always the goal.

Rose Was Born November 12th. We Just Bought a House. Doing a Lot of Remodeling. Turned 35 a Few Months Ago, Reflected on That Point of My Life. We Now Have a Husky. Last Updated: December 1st, 2021.

Highlights from my Kindle