A Two-Step Process for Organizing Photos

My photos app is getting out of hand. I’m taking more pictures than ever, but I rarely get around to cleaning up the ones I don’t want. This constantly leaves me with thousands of junk photos.

I have a new two-step plan to change this:

  1. This is your month — My photos date back many years now, so the plan is to focus on the month at hand. In the photos app, there’s a search button: type in the current month, and every photo ever taken in that specific month will show up. That’s the focus. That way, even if I happen to not get around to it during a busy month, eventually, that month will come back around, and I’ll clean it up next time around. 12 months, 12 jobs: clean up your month.
  2. Favorite, delete, unfavorite — Once I search for the current month, I’ll go through every photo that was taken in the month and favorite any photo that I don’t want to disappear after this process. After favoriting everything, I’ll delete anything that doesn’t have a heart next to it. Afterwards, unfavorite everything.

This two step process seems like a good workflow that’s sustainable for the long run.

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