The Way I Organize My iPad Apps

There’s three ways that I think about the apps on my iPad:

  • Folder 1: Apple Apps
  • Dock: Favorite Apps
  • Folder 2: Everything Else

Folder 1: Apple Apps

These are the ones that are built into the iPad, like Photos, and Mail, and Settings. These live in a folder to the left of the dock.

Dock: Favorite Apps

These are the apps that are critical to my workflow, and I spend the most amount of time in. Like Ulysses, Things, Fantastical, and Tweetbot. I need them to be front and center for me to use right away.

Folder 2: Everything Else

These apps are still very important to me, but not as important as my dock apps. Netflix, 1Password, and YouTube are some of the apps that I often open the folder to get to.

Also: I turn off the suggested and recent apps feature for the dock, to keep random or recent apps from popping up on the side of my second folder.

Also: I’m always evaluating the apps I have downloaded. If I don’t need the app anymore, I get rid of it. All the apps I no longer need are always in the second folder, and usually in the back of the folder, because I move the ones I often use to the front.

Also: I use a similar thought process for the iPhone 1, with the two folder structure.

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