Marco Arment, the same guy who brought you Instapaper, has released my new favorite podcast app: Overcast.

I rarely listen to music anymore. Throughout my day, if you were standing next to me, you’d hear a variety of podcasts playing sports talk, productivity-tips, pop culture updates, or Apple discussions. I’m constantly enjoying conversations about things that I’m interested in.

If you’ve never listened a podcast before, the best way to explain their entertainment value is by relating them to the morning shows on televison, or to Jimmy Fallin hosting The Tonight Show. A podcast is a person that typically shows up once a week, continuing to talk about the things you love.

My three favorite things about Overcast:

  1. Simple design: this app is a pleasure to look at. Marco did a great job by keeping the look of Overcast as minimal as possible, without losing functionality.
  2. Smart Speed: the reason to choose this app over any other podcast app is because of this feature. Smart Speed removes long pauses and breaks between sentences, making the conversations easier to listen to and ultimately saving you hours of useless dead time (because of this feature, so far, Overcast has saved me 8 hours).
  3. Free: well not exactly, but free enough for me to invite anyone to try it. It’s free to download, and you could possibly get by without ever paying, and for those that fall in love with the app and want to unlock all of its features, that’ll cost you $4.99.

I’m Nash (beta 32). I write, record, and travel. Buy a shirt, or become a member today.







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