Pace, Rhythm, and Blogging

John Gruber:

As for what I link to and what I don’t, it’s very much like Justice Stewart’s definition of obscenity: I know it when I see it.” There’s a certain pace and rhythm to what I’m going for, a mix of the technical, the artful, the thoughtful, and the absurd. In the same way that I strive to achieve a certain voice in my prose, as a writer, I strive for a certain voice with regard to what I link to. No single item I post to the Linked List is all that important. It’s the mix, the gestalt of an entire day’s worth taken together, that matters to me.

Gruber mentioned this several times, that his way of blogging is to create a story or theme for that day, and that looking back at his work for the day as a whole is what’s important. Not one individual post. If he links to five different things that day, then those five tell a story together, not individually. It’s something that I keep in mind when I sit down to write and find stories.

(Source: Kottke)

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