God’s Plan (Drake Gave Away Nearly A Million Dollars In This Video)

I didn’t like the song before, but now I love it. This video shows how much of an impact these celebrities could have in the world. I hope this starts a trend, where artist turn music videos into something more. It’s an even trade: someone’s life is impacted, and the artist’s video tells a bigger story.

It’s All-Star Break and The Rockets Have The Best Record In The League

The Houston Rockets now have the best record in the league, and are on a 10-game winning streak. They’ve proven to be a tough matchup for the Warriors, beating them two out of the three times they’ve faced each other. But the regular season doesn’t matter.

Brian T Smith:

Kerr has been forced to call out his team. Draymond Green can’t make it through 48 minutes without calling out the poor refs. Golden State ranks 28th out of 30 teams in turnovers per game (15.5) and slid into the break 4-4 in its last eight games, falling to Portland 123-117 on Wednesday.

We’re halfway finished with this season, and despite the flaws the Warriors are showing, everyone is still crowning them the champions. Rightfully so, but I predicted their demise before the season started, and I’m sticking with that prediction. Not only do I see a team that’s beatable, but I’m also seeing a team in the Rockets that—despite having the best record in the league, and despite having an almost flawless record when Paul and Harden play together—is still being overlooked.

Everyone’s reply is, We’ll see come playoff time.” And I agree, we will see. I like our chances.

Tishomingo Camping Trip

I went camping this past weekend. I had to buy a hammock, gloves, hiking boots, a sleeping bag, a poncho, and sunflower seeds. I slept in a tent, my hands were freezing, and I ate hobo meals. I climbed over big rocks, and jumped over small creeks. I made French Press Coffee, sat by a fire, and jogged around the campsite.

Best of all, though, I created incredible memories with incredible friends. There’s a certain kind of quality time you get when there’s no internet, hardly any electricity, and it’s 30 degrees outside. Time moved slow, because there were no distractions. It was just us, and I kept reminding myself not to take it for granted. That peace, lack of urgency, and stillness is a feeling I’ll continue to seek for the rest of my life.

Morning Report (Feb 9, 2018)

Good morning. It’s 7:46am. I’m just getting back from my hour long walk through the city, stopped to get coffee, and now I’m back home to start my writing session.

I’m back using the 12.9” iPad Pro. I missed the bigger screen and the bigger keyboard1. Comparing the year I had with the 12.9” Pro (2016), to the year I used 9.7” Pro (2017), my word-count was much higher with the bigger iPad. I feel much more at home now.

Yesterday was the NBA trade deadline (where the Cavs restructured a lot of their roster), and today is the release of the Black Panther movie, Kendrick Lamar’s Black Panther Soundtrack (first single’s video), and Apple’s HomePod speaker.

This weekend, I’ll be going on my first camping trip (in a tent)2. My hiking boots, Mummy sleeping bag, and hammock are all packed and ready to go. One weather report says it’ll be snowing, another report says it’ll be raining. Either way, I’m in for an adventure.

I went on an interview this past week, for a new job that I’ve been considering. I have some decisions to make soon.

I’ve been completely focused on my health so far this year. Being conscious of what I eat, and even more conscious of how much exercise I do each day (a lot of basketball).

I turned my walk-in closet into an office/studio yesterday3. Since I don’t have much clothes (minimalism), I was able to fit my entire wardrobe into my smaller closet. Now, my bedroom has a much simpler look, and my studio setup has its own section in the apartment.

Have a great weekend.

Things: A Task Manager

There’s only one thing I love more than being productive, and that’s studying productivity. It started with reading the Getting Things Done book, and then it followed by trying every task manager app I could find. I enjoy making lists, a little too much, and I love organizing tasks and projects, giving me a zoomed in view of the current important tasks, as well as a birds eye view of everything I have going on.

OmniFocus is my absolute favorite task manager app, but in this current season, I’m using Things 3. Cultured Code, the developers behind Things, has built the most beautiful and delightful task manager I’ve ever seen. Whether my day is full of tasks, or the day is empty, either way, it’s a pleasure each time I open up the app.

Also, Chris Bowler at The Sweet Setup has reviewed Things. If you’re interested in learning more about the app, give it a read.