Peace and Productivity (02/21/17)

This has been a weird month for me. My energy has been off, and my creativity has been lacking across the board. It doesn’t feel like I’ve been that productive, but even without trying, because of the habits I’ve built for myself, my days are still busy—and busy is helpful. All of my efforts have been focused on finding peace again. All creativity and mental energy has been aimed in that direction. Things are getting easier, confidence is being restored, and I’m slowly returning to the person I want to be.

Peace and Productivity is a theme that’s important to me going forward (I’ve been planning to write with this title for months). My goal is to write about ways to find peace, and ways to be productive, and tie both areas together into a tight package for the reader. And I can’t only write about these things when everything is going good, so this season of my life is an opportunity that I can use in my favor. A moment like this is even more beneficial and relatable to those that have felt lost, and had to climb out of a hole. That’s what I’m doing now, and I hope to document the process.

I’m Nash. I create things.